Our Leadership Team

Lucas Medina

Founder and Executive Director

Lucas, a former crown ward, has worked in private and public foster care agencies in Ontario since 2001. He serves on committees of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, for the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, and the Child Welfare Secretariat. In these roles, he has listened to LGBTQ youth in and leaving care to understand their needs and is working to create a training program intended to be implemented in all Ontario children’s aid societies. Lucas is an avid community volunteer and an experienced business and staff manager, and he graduated from the Public Administration and Governance Program at Ryerson University.

Administrative Office: Five/Fourteen Inc., 3640 Wells Street, Windsor, ON N9C 1T9

Chad Craig
Administrative Director

Aaron Doupe
Caregiver Development Lead

Lou Hamelin
Client Care Lead

Jay Marin
Collaboration & Innovation Lead

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